Welcome to Ethan Waddell Ministries

We are a Community who firmly believes in Gods word. Come journey with us.

We are embarking on a work to teach the Word of God in an unfiltered relevant manner that speaks to the issues of the present and the future. For various reasons many of Gods people don’t feel connected to today’s Church. Our mission is to provide a platform where those who desire to hear a word from God are able to do so without the politics obligation and the burden that is too often associated with today’s church.

Our primary method of doing this is through visual and audio teachings each week. We are not looking for memberships or asking anyone to join us. But we ask that if you are a part of a ministry and are blessed and/or strengthened by what you see or hear. That you return to your home ministry and strengthen and bless them. Our goal is to strengthen the body of Christ through the word of truth not to cause division by sowing dissension.

Whether you’re at home in your car at work or on vacation. Join us each week for a content filled relevant word from the Almighty. And if you come back after your initial visit. Invite a friend that they too might be blessed.

God Bless

Bro. Ethan Waddell